Maskedtextbox use validatingtype Private chat with girls without registration

11-Nov-2017 10:04

In a Windows Forms application, I add a Masked Text Box to the form.

Clicking the ellipsis on the Mask property opens up the Input Mask dialog.

Text By default, the Text property returns everything you see in the masked text box, including prompt characters and literals.

However, you can configure this using the Text Mask Format property.

If true (the default), if the user types the prompt character over an existing value, the existing value is deleted.

If false, the prompt character is treated as a normal key press (which usually means it isn't allowed).

Since the Validating Type property itself isn't visible in the designer, there doesn't seem to be a way to reset this property using the Designer.

If you want all user-supplied values to be hidden from view, you can either supply a password character, or set Use System Passward Char to true to use the standard Unicode dot.

For example, the mask (000)-000-0000 defines a phone number.

The zeroes represent digits the user must enter, and the other characters are placeholders that are always shown.

The default prompt character is the underscore (_), so a mask for a telephone number displays (_)-_-_while empty.

Whatever you do, make sure you don't use a Prompt Char that you are already using as a literal, as that will cause complete confusion!

So, is there a way to reset the Validating Type property using the Designer?

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